• // Krion®

// What is il Krion®?

Krion® is a new generation solid surface, non-porous and homogeneous, developed by  Porcelanosa Group. It is composed of a high percentage of natural minerals such as aluminium  trihydrate (ATH) and a low percentage of high-resistant acrylic resins.  

It is a material for surfaces, with a pleasant feel and aesthetically similar to natural stone, hygenic, and is  highly robust and resistant to most impacts, excellent performance outdoor even under extreme  conditions. It does not deteriorate over time and its everyday wear is minimal. Consequently, it  requires only low maintenance and is easy to clean

    // Applications

    Il Krion® is suitable for all kinds of furniture, kitchen countertops, bathroom furniture, reception counters,  bar counters for use in projects in commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, public  buildings, airports, public transport stations, not forgetting that Krion® is an excellent option for outdoor  façade covering. 

    Krion® k-life Eco-Active Solid Technology®

    // Technology in the service of well-being

    Krion® k-life Eco-Active is a worldwide preferred line of Krion®, in the white finish, with the aim of providing  the material with additional properties based on the natural phenomenon of photocatalysis.  This is a phenomenon that occurs in Krion® K-life by reacting with light.  

    When a beam of light, solar or artificial, shines on the surface of this mineral, the energy of this beam is  capable of altering part of the molecular structure of this material, making it combine with the humidity  and oxygen present in the environment.  

    The result of this combination adds, to the material, the following properties: air purification, antibacterial  power, self-cleaning and elimination of chemicals


    // Air purification

    In the atmosphere and in our homes, there are some gases which, due to pollution, are dangerous to  humans and the environment itself. When these gases come into contact with the Krion® K-Life Eco-Active  surface, a chemical degradation reaction starts which generates harmless products, such as mineral salts  and water.  

    The air purification activity was examined both indoors and outdoors, finding that 1 m² of Krion® K-Life Eco Active is able to purify the amount of air that 6.5 people breathe in a year.  

    // Anti-bacterial activity

    The bacteria are usually present in our environment and tend to grow in any spaces favourable to them, as  happens in porous materials, in joints or surfaces difficult to clean, thus representing a danger for the  spread of diseases.  

    Thanks to the new Krion® K-Life Eco-Active technology, bacteria not only cannot proliferate on the material.  but are even eliminated when they come into contact with the active material surface  It has been proven that the new Krion® K-Life Eco-Active is able to eliminate bacteria such as E. Coli or S. Aureus up to 117% more than any other material. 

    // Auto clean

    Thanks to the new technology present in Krion® K-Life Eco-Active, even liquids and dirty are absolutely no  problem: they can be removed from the surface of the material more easily by reducing the use of  detergents. 

    // Disposal of chemical products

    Using the new technology present in Krion® Eco-Active it has been possible to eliminate a large number of  compounds dangerous to our health such as pesticides and chemical products present in our environment  and especially in the food we consume:  

    It has been proved that the new Krion® Eco-Active can degrade up to 100% of these dangerous compounds. 


    // Thermoforming

    Krion® is a thermoformable material; through the thermal heating process, can be molded into extreme  curves formed both in 2D and 3D.

    When the material cools it recovers the physical properties it had before  being heated. Thanks to these properties, it is possible to make products with very particular shapes.  

    // Invisible joints

    Krion® adhesive, in full compatibility with the color of each sheet, enables the creation of large spaces or  surfaces with no visible joints which do not allow the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.  

    // Backlighting

    One of the properties of Krion® is the possibility of applying the backlight offering a wide range of aesthetic  and visual possibilities. By combining different colours and thicknesses, multiple and different lighting  effects can be created. 

    In the wide range of colours and decorations of Krion®, we find a particular exclusive line of Krion®, characterized by veins, which is particularly suitable for backlighting as it enhances its shapes and  decorations. 

    // Resistant to bending

    Krion® shows high bending strength which makes it is easier to work. Furthermore, the high compressive strength, similar to other materials such as stone, which withstand rupture or deformation when subjected  to a compressive force.  

    // Resistance to wear and renewable

    Krion® undergoes very little wear with the passing of time and is resistant to cuts and scratches. It is very  easy to clean and repair. If the material is subjected to staining or superficial burns, it can be returned to its  original condition with very little maintenance, by following cleaning and restoration instructions. 

    As it is a full bodied and homogeneous material throughout its entire thickness, in the event of worse damage Krion® can be repaired or restored by a professional to bring it back to its original condition without requiring its full replacement. 

    // Fire resistance

    Krion®, free of halogenated additive, is a product that does not contribute to the propagation of fire and if  burned, produces only faint smoke free of toxic gases. All Krion® series have excellent fire resistance and  are certified with the Euroclass: B-s1-d0. 

    // Color stability

    Color stability is one of the main characteristics of Krion®  

    Strict controls are constantly carried out and at the same time precise limits have been established so that  changes in tone, if any, will be as imperceptible as possible. 



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