Operating rooms in LG HI MACS

3MC develops a specific coating for operating rooms

MED, a dynamic company specializing in hospital supplies, in collaboration with 3MC, has developed a  system which, using the thermoforming of New Generation Acrylic Stone panels, brilliantly and definitively  solves many problems concerning the aseptic conditions of an environment as specialist as the operating  room.  

Till now, the solutions offered by the market, due to the presence of both vertical and horizontal joints  between the various panels, could not ensure strict aseptic conditions, a fundamental requirement for an  operating room.  

The vertical and horizontal joints between the various panels offer, in fact, dangerous points of union inside  the operating room. Each junction inevitably represents a potential and dangerous compartment in which an infinite number of bacteria, difficult to sanitize, can be deposited.  

One of the major problems in the hospital wards is the daily fight against infections. It is brilliantly solved  thanks to the possibility of thermoforming the HI-MACS® Acrylic Stone, material produced by LG HAUSYS and to the system developed by MED with a technique already used in many fields of architecture.  

The exceptional qualities of HI-MACS® allow, in fact, to weld the joints invisibly, panel after panel, for the  entire wall, thus obtaining a single continuous area without gaskets or silicone to avoid the risks of dirt and  bacteria.  

Thanks to the characteristics of HI-MACS®, the following are guaranteed:  

– antibacterial properties of the surfaces;  

– reparability of the material in case of impact;  

– restorability of surfaces in case of abrasion or streaks;  

– possibility of adding or removing openings without replacing the entire panel and in the event of a  technological update of the operating room it is possible to fully restore the wall.  

HI-MACS® has B1 fire resistance certification and LGA and NSF certifications. LGA certification is required in  hospitals and environments where hygiene is critical.  

LGA assesses the ease of cleaning, resistance to bacteria and fungi. Thanks to its non-porosity, HI-MACS®  has been approved for the LGA seal “hygiene tested”. NSF standards are generally accepted norms for a  variety of public health related industries and fields  

NSF standards are generally accepted norms for a variety of public health related industries and fields.  These include drinking water treatment, food equipment manufacturing etc. NSF recognises that HI MACS® complies with NSF norms. 




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