// History

The company was founded in 2004 in Friuli, a place symbol of the Italian furnishing, from an idea of two  partners, thanks to their twenty-years experience in the aluminium and plastic sector.  The headquarters are in Varmo (Udine) with a surface area of 5000 square meters.  The company today employs 32 people.  

3MC, specialized in the industrialized processing of polymeric solid products, designs, develops and produces  bathroom furnishing: washbasins, shower trays, bathroom furniture, head shower, bath tubs, and  claddings. 

The company also offers its know-how and its manufacturing capacity for the creation of customized models  in finishing, sizes, colours and modularity.  

Contract, the strengths of the Company, means “custom” solutions: from the project to production, to the  final setting.  

In 2019 the company obtained the PLATINUM certificate as an honorary member of the KRION ASSOCIATED  MANUFACTURER program having passed the technical and quality tests required 

    // R&D

    The R&D and the technical department, one of the priority areas, count on a total staff of 8  specialists able to develop and manufacture furnishing products, offering solutions that respond to  a variety of market needs. 

    3MC becomes the ideal partner for planning and production of the most ambitious domestic and  international projects providing customized engineering solutions that meet the technical and  aesthetic requirements of any residential, public, hospitality or ship project.  

    // Processing


    Thanks to its experience and the use of the most sophisticated machinery is able to achieve unique  and particular processes such as Thermoforming, 3D Milling, Engraving and Decorating.  3MC ensures an accurate control throughout a project’s development phases, from  prototype to the engineering. The company uses cutting-edge technologies such as 5-axis milling  machines, thermoforming machines for the products moulding and equipment for joinery  processes.  

    All the stages of production, from the material processing to polishing, finishing, assembly and  packaging are controlled by the workers within the factory.  

    A rigorous internal quality control system combined with high flexibility of work makes it possible  realizing unique pieces also on special projects.  

    Our aim is to realize products that could emphasizing the balance between the company’s  craftsmanship and technology: items that are the expression of the high capacity in the processing  of solid surface “100% made in Italy”.  

        // Processing


        It deals with the design and construction of turnkey wellness centers (https://www.wellness-creation.it/).  The experience matured over these thirty years in the wellness sector and the high professionalism of the  workers, allows us to study and design Wellness Centers, even very complex ones, with cutting-edge  solutions and attentive to energy saving.  

        With the help of modern machines and the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a revolutionary product both from the point of view of thermal insulation and design flexibility, we are specialized in the realization of Steam  Bath, emotional Showers, Swimming Pools, Whirlpool Baths, Saunas and custom-made furnishings for  Wellness Centers.  

        Another strong point of the Company is pre and after sales service: qualified staff supports the customer in  the surveys and design phase up to the installation, guaranteeing safety and durability over time. 

        // Processing


        Carries out support activities for acrylic solid surface and wellness division.  
        One of the strengths of the Company is also the design and manufacture of the molds which, through the thermoforming process, lead to the creation of the product.  

        The mold can be made of different materials such as aluminium, wood, resin etc depending on the  characteristics of the final product and the volume to be produced.  
        The creation of the molds takes place in a department dedicated to modeling developed over the years  with the most innovative technologies.  

        Thanks to our know how we are able to design from the single detail to the complete product using the  three-dimensional modeling technology that allows us to have the final vision of the prototype.  Starting from the projects, with extremely complex geometries, we develop not only the executive models  for the production but also all the metal carpentry to support the product.  

        The modeling department also support the wellness sector in the creation of saunas, steam baths in  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), chaise longue and accessories.  



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